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What you can't sell...

    For health and safety reasons you should avoid selling... 

  • Car seats – It is recommended that you avoid second-hand car seats altogether. You can never be totally sure that it hasn’t been involved in an accident, even when buying from family or friends. It’s not that they would intentionally mislead you, just that some bumps and crunches can be forgotten easily enough, but still affect the car seat.  

  • Mattresses – When it comes to mattresses you need to be extra careful, too. One study, in 2002, found that using second-hand mattresses could increase the risk of cot death. The risk is the mattress can have lost its firmness and shape, and could contain bacteria and dust mites.

  • Other items which aren't really suitable are: Baby, toddler & children's helmets; used baby bottles; used dummies; pre-worn underwear; and toys that have loose eyes or buttons.