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Tips for selling baby & children’s clothes

General selling tips

- Put sets of clothes together – for a summer outfit, make sure any matching shirts and shorts/skirts are together. It's also an added bonus if you still have the sun hat and/or flip flops that were purchased with the outfit. If there isn't any particular match for an item, it doesn't hurt to bundle things that go well together.
- Make sure clothes are cleaned and ironed – wash any clothing you want to sell, check for and remove any spots or stains as well as you can. Baby and toddler clothes have to be inspected closely if they have been worn. It may put people off if they see stained or unwashed items.
- Check for missing buttons and make repairs – children are good at losing buttons and breaking zips. Fixing these things only takes a second and can make a huge difference in the amount of money you can get for these items. Small tears or rips can be mended easily, but be sure to point these out to buyers. Even if it doesn't make an item brand new, a person is more likely to purchase something that is repaired than something that's not.

Tips for selling toys, books
​& other equipment

- Get everything ready the night before, check the pockets of sale clothing for items, take plenty of small change, small notes, pen and paper, carrier bags, extra price stickers etc.
- Think about what will actually sell – before you start piling everything and anything into bags, consider whether anyone will really want to buy some items. *Please also take a look at the What You Can/Can't sell pages too.
- Think about having your children looked after as they can get bored, irritatble or can even wander off. Obviously if you do bring them, they are more than welcome!
Consider making your stall stand out from the crowd, arrive early for a good space (tables are not allocated, it's first come, first served).

- Display some clothes on a rail – outfits on hangers sell really well. Putting your most colourful eye-catching items in front and clean bagged up clothes do sell better than items just thrown in a 'jumble' box.
- Think about bringing a nice tablecloth to put onto your table. Have a look at your stall from the other side of the table – the buyers perspective – does it look attractive/inviting/interesting? Is everything displayed to its full potential? Can people get to the stall to browse or is there too much stuff in front of it?
- Be realistic about pricing but don't give it away – decide beforehand what you're going to charge for each item but be realistic about what you'll get for it. Remember, it's a nearly-new sale NOT a jumble and buyers can afford to be choosy.
- Charm your would-be customers with some friendly banter (not easy if you've been up since 5am I know!) but people will love to hear some history behind items or take some tips on how it works etc. Although no buyer really wants to know that you wore that nightdress when you were in labour with your fourth child!).
- Use the tactics of the big supermarkets and bundle items up or offer a buy one, get one free if it suits your purpose.
- Offer to mind heavy or bulky purchases while the buyer continues to walk around the sale.
- Have a walk around the sale yourself and grab any bargains you see if you've got someone to mind your stall – you can browse before we open too. Also, take a look at others' stalls and see how they've laid theirs out, you may want to change something about your stall if you see something displayed well.
- Keep smiling and when it's over, please take your items home, have a cuppa, a cupcake and a sit down – you've earnt it! Well done!

Sellers Info

- Sort baby gear, toys, clothes and books into categories. Sorting by age is usually the best for buyers.
- Repair torn pages as much as possible. Wipe down board and plastic books, toys and consider washing soft toys.
- Consider leaving some bigger items at home – the table measures 5’ x 2’6" and you’ll have some space in front of the table too. You may want to sell them through the Items For Sale page on our website or make a sign to display on your table.