'Haven't You Grown' Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

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"HELP! It’s my first nearly new sale what should I do to get the best results?"​

How do I book a space for a sale near me?
Because we have more applicants than tables each month I have to allocate tables on a draw basis. You will find out about a sale by signing up to the newsletter or looking at our Facebook or Twitter pages (email newsletter is the most instant). Once the sale is announced you will have an allocated amount of time to apply. When I have your application (just send me an email expressing your interest) and I will then add you to the draw. I will then contact you if you have been successful. Unfortunately tables cannot be pre-booked too far in advance and only within the allocated time.

What sells well at a 'Haven't You Grown' Sale?
-Toys, baby equipment and large items.
-Games and activities for pre-school age children.
-Children’s dressings up outfits are always popular and party clothing that is expensive and only worn occasionally does sell very well
-Wooden toys sell particularly well as do larger toys such as toy garages which are expensive to buy new.
-Medium sized toys such as dolls push chairs and ride ons.
-Garden toys also sell very well.
-Electrical items may be sold but you must be able to demonstrate these items are in good working order and it helps the guarantee is valid. 
-Battery operated toys are allowed in the sale but must be shown to be working with batteries included.
-Push chairs, prams and cots are high value items that sell quite quickly. (Although be aware of issues with space). All prams and pushchairs must meet the British standard BS7409 or the European equivalent. 

Is there anything which isn’t worth the trouble of bringing along?
If you're short of space reduce the amount of baby clothes that you bring to sell, be selective & only bring them along if you are prepared to sell them very cheap as a lot of parents get newborn clothing given. 
-Next and Marks and Spencer will always sell better than George or Tesco.
-Avoid bringing outdated clothing if you don’t want it probably no one else will.
-Consider the seasons as buyers will not interested in winter clothes in April or May.
-If you have big bulky items such as prams, pushchairs and cots, consider selling them through our Facebook page or by making a sign to be displayed on your table at a sale.

How do I price my items?
Is it better to price goods high and be bartered down or price them down and run the risk of not making as much money? This all depends on how much you want to sell and whether you are prepared to take a lot back home. We recommend that pricing should be around 30% maximum of the original price what you would normally pay for cheaper items and approximately 40% maximum on more expensive items such as prams or buggies.
Everyone loves a bargain that’s why they come to a sale. You may however be very pleasantly surprised how much all those items sold add up to.

Why should I price my items? 
Its easier and helps you sell more should you be serving someone and a customer has to wait to ask a price he will probably go to another table then a potential sale is lost.

Can items be sold as job lots?
Someone might put together a selection of items for a baby boy 3-6 months and price as a job lot. It is an effective way of selling a quantity of items in one go. 

How particular do I need to be about the quality of items I bring to sell?
Very particular these are nearly new sales not jumble sales but people still want a bargain. Buyers can afford to be very fussy and will pick and choose what they want to buy.

What else do I need to bring? 
-A good stock of carrier bags.
-A marker pen and some paper for signs. 
-A roll of sticky tape is a good item just in case any items need to be resealed and for sticking up signs. (Please don't put signs on the walls of the venue, but stick them onto your table/rail).
-Sticky labels.
-Some small change/notes for a float. And something to put the money in - consider a money belt or bum-bag if it's easier.

Can I bring a friend or relative to help me? 
The sales get busy and you will be glad of a helper to serve customers. No more than one helper for each table because there won’t be enough room behind the table.

Can I bring my children to the sale?
Children may come along providing you keep an eye on them at all times. It may be a better idea to get some to look after them for the morning especially if it’s your first sale. Older children are a great help they can help you taking the money. But this isn’t recommended during set up as it could be hazardous to children.

How long do we get to set up and break down?
Usually 80 minutes and this tends to go very quickly. The way you set up your table will determine how much you sell. Put your best items out first and don’t over stock your table, so buyers can see what there is easily restock as and when items are sold. Try not to clutter your table. If you have a large amount of items to sell either run two tables or come again to our next sale. Then you will have the same amount of time at the end to clear up. Please do not leave rubbish lying around for someone to clear up.

How many sellers will there be at the sale?
This can vary depending on the venue size. Once you have paid for the space all the money taken is yours. Sales are successful if you are well prepared beforehand, realistic pricing will ensure this. 

I run a business, can I book a table?
If you have a small baby-related business and would like to book a business table please contact me for details as these rates differ slightly.

Help with the advertising?
If all the sellers, each putting up three posters and telling their friends will ensure a busy event. The more it is advertised the more money you will make. Latest sale posters can be downloaded here and put on notice boards, in shops, post offices and libraries the more people that know about the sale will determine how much you sell. It is also important to tell your friends and remind them closer to the date.

How big is my selling space?
Tables are usually approximately 6ft long by approximately 2ft 6” wide, but this can vary from venue to venue - table sizes will be quoted at the time. You'll also have space in front and to the side* of your table if YOU have a rail or for other items. *Available side space is all dependent on the size of the venue and table position and cannot be guaranteed. It is important NOT to spread out around neighbouring tables this will upset other sellers. Please do not display your items too far in front of your table as your customers won't be able to get to your table and the aisles need to be kept clear to prevent any accidents. Boxes may be stored underneath providing they don’t stick out into the walkway or you can move your table to the back.

What happens if I have to cancel after I have booked?
You may cancel up to 14 days prior to the event. Please send an email to haventyougrown@hotmail.co.uk marked "Cancelling". If you cancel in the period 14 days leading up to the sale then I can refund your booking fee providing I can sell your table on, otherwise you will receive a 50% refund. Unfortunately due to the late notice, cancelling within 24 hours of the sale will not result in a refund.

What are the parking facilities like at the venue?
Unfortunately, free parking in Brighton & Hove is a rarity so paid on-street parking will be available. But we always try to choose venues on bus routes, please have a look at the Brighton & Hove buses website for details. We always aim to be near major car parks but please check the venue information independently in case of any recent changes.

Will I be able to buy food and drink at the sale?
Venues usually have facilities to purchase hot and cold drinks, cakes and biscuits. We can't guarantee that there will always be refreshments available (if the venue doesn't have kitchen facilities) so bring snacks and a drink with you just in case.

What about unsold items? 
All unwanted items and empty boxes should be taken home by the seller at the end of the day.